Marco Camisani Calzolari has been involved in the internet sector since 1994, as serial entrepreneur, researcher in corporate digital communication, academic lecturer, digital evangelist, keynote speaker and writer.

Lives in London and he founded several successful companies, both in B2B and B2C areas:

-, the international signature-gathering platform, now available in 10 countries around the world, with the UK, Italian and French versions ( and leaders in their sector with millions of active users.

-, a company that develops white label web platforms such as Social Networks, WebTV, Social Media, Viral systems and so on, for major international companies. Speakage has developed successful applications like the mobile official IKEA catalogue, the iPhone app for milan public transportation system iATM, communities like or websites for Greenpeace.

-, the first global platform that allows Twitter, Facebook and Google+ bombing. The recipient will receive multiple protest or proposal messages and will be periodically informed about the amount of its mentions.

- Co-founder of, the first professional insurance marketplace.

As writer the latest book he authored is “Il Mondo Digitale” (The Digital World) published in Italy by Mondadori, the latest in english was “Escape from Facebook” ( “Salvation from Facebook, fake clicks, bots and other lies. A survival guide for those who thought that a social network is all it takes to do digital marketing”). He also authored the book “Impresa 4.0 – Marketing e Comunicazione Digitale a 4 Direzioni” with Franco Giacomazzi, published by PEARSON / FINANCIAL TIMES.

He is a contributor to many international magazines, radio and televisions, in digital culture topics.

Affiliated Practictioner Researcher al Centre for Culture Media & Regulation (CCMR).
Lecturer at LCA Business School London.
From 2010 to 2013 was Teaching Professor at IULM university, he taught the course on Corporate Communication and Digital Languages in the Communication, PR and Advertising Faculty. from 2005 he taught Digital Marketing and Communication techniques in university courses and masters at the Università Statale di Milano until 2010.

UK TI (Trade & Investmens – UK Government department) has given him the task of mentoring aspiring entrepreneurs and will also be one of the judges selecting which companies the UK Government will invest capital in to help them get started at the Entrepreneurs Festival. He has been one of the main promoters of the “Digital Agenda” in Italy, promoting and participating actively in a large number of initiatives, including the Digital Advisory Group (promoted by McKinsey and American Chamber of Commerce), initiatives to make aware the political forces on the theme of the Digital; or his own initiatives “Digital Citizens” and “Digitalia”, member of the board for Innovation in Tourism set up by the Ministry for Tourism. He is also consultant for Regione Veneto’s Digital Agenda.

In UK he is a member of Mensa (the international association for high-IQ individuals), as well as in Italy of AISM (Italian Marketing Association), Ammassador of E-SKILLS FOR JOBS the European Commission about digital competence, and member of the board of Associazione Nord-Est Digitale. Member of scientific committee of Fondazione Comunica.


  • Guest lecturer at Brunel University of London and Affiliated Pratictioner al Centre for Culture Media & Regulation (CCMR).
  • Guest lecturer at LCA Business School London.
  • Form 2010 to 2013 is Teaching Professor at IULM University. He taught the course on Corporate Communication and Digital Languages in the Communication, PR and Advertising Faculty. Link
  • From 2007 to 2010 he lectured in Digital Marketing and Communication techniques at the Università Statale di Milano
  • Lecturer for the Master “Marketing and Digital Communication” by Sole 24 Ore.
  • For IPSOA Wolters Kluwer he designed one course in Marketing and Digital Communication.
  • From 2007 to 2010 he was a lecturer for the Masters in “Interactive Digital Communication” – Università Statale di Milano.
  • Lecturer for the course “Digital Democracy” organised by futuro@lfemminile (a project developed by Microsoft, Acer and Cluster Reply) entitled: “Il presente che qualcuno chiama ancora futuro: il nuovo mondo digitale e le strade per le nuove professioni” (“The present time that someone still calls future: the new digital world and new profession’s ways”) – Florence, Palazzo Vecchio, Salone dei Dugento (17.12.2011).
  • Teacher at the workshop “Marketing and Digital Communication” at the University of Milan.
  • Lecturer for the Specialist Masters in Training Management organised by Sole 24 ore (17.12.2010).
  • Lecturer for the workshop VMWARE – Milan (16.12.2010)
  • Teacher at the Ambrosetti workshop “Marketing and 4-Directions Digital Communication”, Milan.
  • Lecturer for the course “IIR 2.0”, 1.12.2010, Milan
  • Lecturer for the course “Misurare il web” (“Measuring the Web”), 16.11.2010, Milan
  • Teacher of the JEWC workshop “Innovation in Communication” at the Junior Enterprise World Conference at Bocconi University in Milan.
  • Teacher of the Master’s course “Innovation Marketing” at the Accademia di Comunicazione in Milan. Link
  • Teacher of the course “Social Media Strategy – The Web Tools to Achieve Business Goals” at the International Research Institute.
  • Teacher of “Social Media Marketing – Marketing Trends, Implications and Strategies Effective on Social Networks”, AISM Marketing School, Milan (24.03.2010).
  • Teacher at the workshop “Marketing 4.0: Innovating with New Web Tools and Platforms” organized by Confindustria Bergamo (13.04.2010).
  • Teacher at the workshop focused on digital communication organized by order of the Engineers of Turin Area, Turin (22.04.2010).
  • Teacher of the course “Non Conventional Marketing 09 ”, IIR (International Research Institute).
  • Teacher of many SMAU workshops, from 1995.
  • Teacher of the Master’s course “M-aster”.

Conferences & Papers – Highlights:

  • Speaker at the launch of the publication “Osservatorio acquisti Cartasi 2012-Il comportamento d’acquisto degli italiani con carta di credito”(“Cartasi procurement monitoring system – the Italian buying behaviour with credit card”),Cartasi Auditorium, Corso Sempione, 55 Milano
  • Speaker at the workshop entitled: “New scenarios for business development: change or die!”, VEGA, Science and Technology Park of Venice, (20.3.12) Link
  • Speaker at the event: “Reasoned introduction and operation use of Social Networks for specialist publishers,organised by “I TE di Anes”, Café piazza Erculea, 5 Milano (1.03.2012) Link
  • Speaker at the panel entitled: “Web marketing e sicurezza informatica” (“Web marketing and computer safety”), organised by Assolombarda, Milano (9.11.11)
  • Moderator at the conference entitled: “Dall’advertising all’ engagetising: come coinvolgere gli utenti nel mondo dell’advertising social” (“From advertising to engagetising: involving users in adversing social world”), Blend Tower, Piazza 7 Novembre Milano, (22.9.11)
  • Speaker at the event entitled: “2012: Fuga da Facebook” (“2012: Escape from Facebook”), inside the Social Media Week, Milan, (21.9.11)
  • Speaker at the event entitled: “Frecciarossa Start-up”, inside the e-festival, Milan-Rome (13.9.11-14.9.11). Link
  • Speaker at the panel entitled: “E-commerce e Veneto: un felice connubio” (“E-commerce and Veneto: a wealthy marriage”), inside the event: “Netcom E-commerce Forum”, Vega Parco Scientifico Tecnologico, Antares Pavilion, Venice (14.06.11)
  • Speaker at the event entitled: “Festival Radio Universitarie”, Calabria University, Cosenza (25.5.11)
  • Speaker at the event entitled: “Forum PA”, Fair of Rome (10.5.11)
  • Speaker at the event entitled: “Cenacolo di Piccola Industria”, organised by Gruppo Piccola Industria of Confindustria Verona (4.5.11);
  • Speaker at the conference entitled: “Ottimismo digitale”, (“Digital Optimism”) Villa Recalcati, Piazzale della Libertà 1, Varese (7.5.11);
  • Speaker at workshop entitled “Summit Marketing e Comunicazione”, (“Marketing and Communication Summit”), Hotel Ambasciatori, Roma (13.3.2011);
  • Speaker for the project entitled: “Network Management 2 – Reti e sviluppo di una nuova managerialità”, (“Network Management 2 – Networks and development of a new management”), Confindustria Veneto Siav, Via Torino 151/C, Mestre (6.4.11);
  • Speaker for the Roadshow events organised by Confindustria Veneto, from 31.3.11 to 19.5.11. Stages: Belluno and Treviso (31.3.11); Vicenza (14.4.11); Verona and Padova (5.5.11); Rovigo and Venezia (19.5.11).
  • Speaker at the event entitled: “Executive Summit sul Marketing e la Comunicazione” (“Exectuive Summit about Marketing and Communication”), Peschiera del Garda, (30.3.11).
  • Speaker at event entitled: “La Geocalizzazione: la terza rivoluzione del Marketing tra web e territorio” (“Geolocalisation: the third revolution on Marketing between Web and Environment”), Milano, (16.2.11).
  • Speaker at “VMWARE Four Points” Event, via Cardano 1, Milano (16.12.2010).
  • Moderator at the conference entitled: “Cosa fareste con 300 MB di banda larga?” (“What would you do with 300 MB of broadband?”), Vega, Parco scientifico e tecnologico di Venezia (26.11.2010). Link
  • Speaker at the “Btobe” conference, Potenza (21.11.2010). Link
  • Speaker at “Symantec: Security Black Market” convention, Spazio Antologico, East End Studios, via Mecenate 84/10, 20100, Milan (11.11.2010). Link
  • Speaker at the international convention “The New Communication and Its Impacts on Information”, Auditorium Giò Ponti, Assolombarda, Via Pantano, 9, Milan (23.10.2010). Link PDF
  • Speaker at the convention “The Path of Improvement: From the Environment to the Company”, Assolombarda, Sala Falck, Via Chiaravalle, 8, Milan (19.10.2010). Link
  • Speaker at the convention “The Retail and Proximity Marketing Expo & Conference”, Hotel de la Ville, Via Hoepli, 6, Milan (14.10.2010). Link
  • Chairman at the convention “Social Media: Strategy not Magic”, Palazzo Castiglioni presso l’Unione del Commercio, in Venezia, 49 20121, Milan (24.09.2010).
  • Speaker at the workshop “Social Media for Business”, Milan (23.09.2010). Link
  • Speaker at the event “Fashion for Juliet”, Verona (17.09.2010).
  • Speaker at the AISM convention “Let’s Talk about Web: What’s New?”, Fieramilanocity (13.05.2010). LinkLink 2
  • Speaker at the convention “Basel 3: Banks and Companies towards 2012 – Scenarios after the Crisis, the Regulation News, Concrete Steps for Banks and Companies Today”, Rome, Palazzo dei Congressi (04.05.2010). Link
  • Speaker at the convention “ Meet the Media Guru: Moeed Ahmad, Head of New Media, Al Jazeera Arabic – The Support of New Technologies to the Improvement of Communication Industry, Al Jazeera Case, Palazzo Giureconsulti, Piazza Mercanti, 2 Milan (26.04.2010). Link
  • Speaker at the convention “1st Cloud Computing and Virtualization Strategies 2010, How to Take Advantages and Make Business from the Clouds – Challenges and Opportunities for .IT powered by Business International (26.03.2010). Link
  • Speaker at the convention “Launch of New Products and Brands through Viral and Buzz Marketing”, powered by Business International (11-03-2010).
  • Speaker at the convention “Strategic Marketing Innovation – Today’s Top Secrets of Marketing Innovation (and the Crucial Drivers)”, powered by Business International (25.02.2010). Link
  • Speaker at the convention “SaaS 2010. Which Are the New Business Opportunities Given by Software as a Service (SaaS) and Which Are the Winning Strategies? ”, powered by Business International (23.02.2010). Link
  • Speaker for different panels at Venezia Camp 2010 (22.01.2010).
  • Speaker at the convention “Strategies for Global Communication: Enterprise 2.0 & Social Media Marketing”, Parma (20.01.2010).
  • Speaker at Confindustria in Bergamo Workshop: “4.0 Marketing: Innovating with Tools and Platforms of New Web”, Bergamo, 2010.
  • Speaker at the workshop “Web Marketing and 4 Directions Digital Communication”, Engineers Order of Turin, Turin, 2010.
  • Speaker at “Anes Forum 2009”, Milan (24.09.2009)
  • Speaker at “Word of Mouth – Summit 2009” (22 and 23.07.2009).
  • Speaker at Wordcamp with the speech “Thank God It’s Friday” (22.05.2009). Link
  • Speaker at the launch of his book “Impresa 4.0” [“Entreprise 4.0”] in Intesa SanPaolo Formazione, Naples (27.04.2009)
  • Speaker at De-Jam, Milan (25.04.2009).
  • Speaker at the launch of his book “Impresa 4.0” [“Entreprise 4.0”] at “Ordine dei Giornalisti del Piemonte”, Ceriana-Maineri Palace, Corso Stati Uniti, 27 – 10128 Turin (5.02.2009).
  • Speaker at the launch of his book “Impresa 4.0” [“Entreprise 4.0”] and the 4 Directions Model at the Chamber of Commerce in Sondrio, “G.B. Martinelli” lecture room (Via Piazzi 23) (3.02.2009). Link
  • Speaker at the Wordcamp “Internet and Jobs – Web Marketing and Digital Communication for Companies”.
  • Speaker at the launch of his book “Impresa 4.0” [“Entreprise 4.0”] at OmniComExpo in Rome.
  • Speaker at Codex Development Agency in Turin.
  • Speaker at the Gecod event in Bologna.
  • Speaker at the SS&C event, Varese (10.11.2009).
  • Speaker at Relatore in the panel discussion organized by Assorel and Ferpi for COM-PA, Spazio Forum, Milan (4.11.2009).
  • Speaker at the convention “Digital Signage Content & Technology Strategies: The New Frontiers of Advertisement Communication”, powered by Business International, Milan (30.10.2009).
  • Speaker at the Creativity Festival in Florence.
  • Speaker at SS&C event, Varese (10.11.2009).
  • Speaker at the IIR convention “Non Conventional Marketing”, Milan. Link
  • Speaker at the WOM convention, Sol Melià, Milan.
  • Speaker at the International Science Media Fair in Trieste.
  • Speaker at the Corecom Convention “Mediatic Triboos”, Trieste during Trieste Fest 2008.
  • Speaker at OmniCom Expo Conventions at OmniCom Expo, Rome Fair.
  • Speaker at EBA Forum, Fieramilanocity, at the workshop “The Innovation?”, Strategies and Tools for Business.
  • Chairman and speaker at the “Marketing & Enterprise 2.0″ convention, Milan (19.06.2008). Link
  • Speaker and moderator at the TwentyFour / 7 Innovation event in Turin (12.06.2008). Link
  • Speaker at Rounded Minds, Wiki-Business Press Room, via Carducci 17, Milan (29.05.2008). Link
  • Speaker at La Spezia Fair. SPIfiera – 1st Rooms Services for Enterprises (speech focused on the New Web for Communication and Marketing).
  • Chairman of “Companies and Web Professionals”, Internet Code, Internet Tour, Milan, Teatro dell’Arte; Ottagono Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. Link
  • Speaker at the Innovation Circus in Giurieconsulti Palace in Milan with a speech about the 4 Directions Model: “Inside–Outside, Outside–Outside, Inside–Inside, Outside–Inside”. Link
  • Speech about marketing and digital communication at SEOLAB. Link
  • Speech about marketing and digital communication at SMAU Fair, Milan. Link
  • Speaker at the launch of his book “Impresa 4.0” [“Enterprise 4.0”] at Politecnico di Milano.
  • Speaker at Innovative Day. Link
  • Speaker and moderator at the Brand Leadership Summit. Link
  • Speaker at the panel discussion: “Innovative Cooperation 2.0”. Link
  • Speaker at the convention “All about Next Generation Network Access in Italy”, Hotel Le Meridien Gallia, Milan.
  • Speaker and moderator at the First Brand Leadership Summit, Milan.
  • Speaker at “Innov-IT” at Enterprise Hotel, Corso Sempione 91, Milan.
  • Speaker at “Marketing Camp – Using the Correct Digital Tools”.
  • Speaker at the “Marketing and Innovation Convention”, Fondazione Stelline Convention Centre, Corso Magenta 61, Milan.
  • Speaker and chairman at the conventions “The Real Improvement Opportunities of Entertainment Market: First Results” and “The Real Opportunities of Interactive Advertising in Reaching and Involving a More and More Demanding and Aware Public”, IPTV Forum, Milan.
  • Speaker and chairman at the convention “Marketing of Research”, CNR, Research Area of Bologna, Bologna.
  • Speaker at the Second Marketing Camp: “Innovation and Creativity: From Researches to Vision 2.0″, at Lorenzo Marini Associates, Via Tortona, 15, Milan.
  • Speaker and chairman at “Web2.0ltre” [Beyond Web 2.0], where he led the panel: “Show me the money: back to investment and revenue model in 2.0 Web and in the Italian and global market”.
  • Speaker at Marketing Camp 3 at the Business Palace in Giurieconsulti, via Mercanti, 2, Milan. Programme: :Link
  • Speaker at the Innovation Circus and Innovative Day at the Business Palace in Giurieconsulti, via Mercanti, 2, Milan. Link -Link 2
  • Speaker at Rimini TTG.
  • Speaker at Romagna Business Club in Forlì. Link
  • Teacher at the SMAU Workshop about New Digital Marketing.
  • Chairman of the “Movement Event” of Oracle, Bologna CNR, RFID and Mobility Solutions. Link
  • Speaker at the workshop “” about ICT . Link
  • Speaker at the workshop: “CommunicActive – Communication and Marketing Master”. Link

Main Publications:

“4.0 Business – The 4 directions digital marketing” [“Impresa 4.0 – Marketing e comunicazione digitale a 4 direzioni”], Franco Giacomazzi and Marco Camisani Calzolari, Financial Times. “Escape from Facebook” ( “Salvation from Facebook, fake clicks, bots and other lies. A survival guide for those who thought that a social network is all it takes to do digital marketing”).

Main Articles:

“The question” ["La domanda"], ADV, 2009. “They stole my identity!” ["Mi hanno rubato l’identita"], ADV, 2009. “Facebuc”, ADV, 2009. “The Web I really use” ["La rete che uso davvero"], ADV, 2009. “Those new Web companies” ["Quelle aziende del nuovo web"], Il Sole 24 Ore – Nova, 2008. “Directions of communications” ["Direzioni di comunicazione"], Il Sole24Ore – Nova, 2008. “2.0 Efficiency” ["Efficienza 2.0"], ADV, 2007. “The finger and the moon” ["Il dito e la luna"], ADV, 2007. “Television is more and more Web-like” ["E’ sempre più web la televisione"], Il Sole 24 Ore – Nova, 2007. “The event? Let’s plan it digitally” ["L’evento? Si organizza in digitale"], Il Sole 24 Ore – Nova, 2007. “The knowledge spread through RSS” ["Conoscenza condivisa via RSS"], Il Sole 24 Ore – Nova, 2007. “Shared bookmarks” ["Bookmark condivisi"], Il Sole 24 Ore – Nova, 2007. “(Internal) 2.0 Corporate Communication – Communicating in the company with innovative tools” ["Comunicazione corporate 2.0 (interna) – Comunicare internamente in azienda con strumenti innovativi"], Il Sole 24 Ore – Nova, 2006. “2.0 Corporate Communication – free multimedia digital innovating marketing” ["Comunicazione corporate 2.0 – free multimedia marketing digitale innovativo"], Il Sole 24 Ore – Nova, 2006. “2.0 Corporate Communication – from outside to inside” ["Comunicazione corporate 2.0 – da fuori a dentro"] Il Sole 24 Ore – Nova, 2006. “Voip at hand” ["Il VoIp a portata di mano"], Il Sole 24 Ore – Nova, 2006. “Getting whatever people say about yourself in the web” ["Recuperate nel Web tutto quello che dicono di voi"], Il Sole 24 Ore – Nova, 2006. “2.0 Communicating in companies” [“Comunicare in azienda 2.0"], Il Sole 24 Ore – Nova, 2006. “Crossmedia sense of the RSS” ["Il senso crossmediale dell’Rss"], Il Sole 24 Ore – Nova, 2006. “The mobile is a navigator” ["Il cellulare è un navigatore"], Il Sole 24 Ore – Nova, 2006.

Web & digital:WEB CONSULTANCY or WEBSITE DESIGNED (directly or on behalf of his companies)

  • Greenpeace A modern website with responsive design, continuous vertical navigation, connection to customer petition web serices. The users will be automatically geo-located through their IP address in order to sign the petition and they can send a tweet to the relevant political representative within their country.
  • Social media casting donna moderna The largest italian publisher, Mondadori, chose us to build their social media web platform, which in 2 years has now had 60,000 photos uploaded by users. Users can vote their favorite and share their vote via facebook
  • Social network: Medeo A property social network for users interested in books, art and culture. A social network where people can create profiles, communicate with friends on message boards, public and private, use hashtags, comment on others’ posts etc
  • Social network A social network based on Facebook that allows users to protect the objects they care the most. The platform catches friends from Facebook in order to send a notification to every friend and to share activities on people’s wall
  • An internal webTV for an italian bank (Banca Popolare di Vicenza), completely customized on their profilation system.
  • The Social network Fonderia dei talent. A platofrm to attract graduates back to Italy, facilitate those willing to have a working experience abroad and more. Geolocation is the key of this platform, and users can interact with the world map
  • iATM For ATM, the Milanese Transportation Company System. The App allows to identify one’s position on the Milan’s map and to link it to the surrounding public transports, bike sharing and more, finding the relative stops, routes and info. It uses some innovative tools like GPS system and augmented reality. The complexity of this platform is behind the curtains: it is fully connected with public administration servers, which our own server developed to connect them to the app
  • RTL iOS the official live radio mobile application for the No.1 radio station in Italy, RTL 102.5 10,000 people use the app to listen to the station everyday. Contents are dynamically queried from customer web services, and it is optimized on audio and video streaming. It also offers some on demand content, plus the possibility to upload user generated content
  • Developing, for the municipality of Milan, a platform for the creation of interactive maps through which users can easily retrieve information about the services of a particular area of Milan, in addition to being constantly updated on all the different activities or interventions of the public administration. Thousand of citizens was using this service.
  • an international petition platform localized in several countries and altready launched in France and in Italy. is the italian versione with 1,600,000 active users. It has 15,000 daily signatures. has 500.000 users and is leading the france petition market.
  • Since 2003: CEO & Founder of, Digitalground Ltd., MCC Worldwide Digital Consulting, Digital Evaluations Ltd.
  • In 2007 Founder of, a platform that allows petitions to be created and signed all over the world.
  • In 2007 he developed TuoVideo, described by the press as the “Italian YouTube.”
  • From 2004 to 2005 he was communication and internet consultant for the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport (link) , and worked on developing the Ministry’s website.
  • In 2003 he published Metamondo, the manifesto for digital freedom, which in 2004 developed into Metamondo ~ Il Blog~ (link), to which his personal blog was later added (link)
  • In 2001, with Ibiz Group s.a. (Luxembourg), he founded UnoPortals S.p.A. and as an entrepreneur he devised and produced, Radio, ParlamentOnline, AudioRete and other innovative projects.
  • In 1998, in partnership with Alchera, he designed and created the first Italian MTV website, which won the Il Sole 24 award for best website. He also designed websites for, among others: Radio 105, Radio Montecarlo, Radio Capital, for several Radio RAI programmes and other national media.
  • In 1996 for Claudio Cecchetto at Radio Capital, he created the world’s first virtual currency (EnergyBank) as part of another product (InternetworkCity), a virtual community.



  • In 2000 the Centro Studi Comunicazione Cogno in Rome awarded him the prize for “Excellence in Communication”
  • With Speakage he won the Interactive Key award for producing the talking website
  • In 1998 he was awarded the Mediastar prize for producing the Radio 105 website.
  • The MTV website that he designed won the Il Sole 24 ore WWW award.

Mass Media Digital Evangelism:

  • From January 2012 he participates in a radio program on RTL 102.5 every Thursday morning at 8:35 a.m. as an expert in digital.
  • In 2005 and 2006 he coproduced (with E-TV, on SKY channel 817) the talk show //DigiTalk, which he also hosted. The talk show was broadcast daily at 11pm on SKY channel 817 (repeated at 8.25am), on the website and on UMTS TIM mobile phones.
  • From August to September 2005, for E-TV (SKY channel 817) he presented the special, “Interviste con il Ministro” (“Interviews with the Minister”). This was a series of episodes in which he interviewed the Minister for Innovation and Technology, Lucio Stanca.
  • From September 2001 to January 2002 he presented the TV programme “MisterWeb”, broadcast at 7.30pm on LA7.
  • In 2000, he produced, Italy’s first on-demand radio station with a schedule of brand new formats which could be downloaded on demand, 5 years ahead of podcasts.
  • In 1998 was a pericola guest at Radio 2 RAI about digital and technology
  • In 1996 at Radio Capital was the speaker of program InternetworkCity


London Office: +44 (0) 203 397